We were recently diagnosed with a common STD and we think that we know where we got it from.
It's not something difficult to treat, but it's still an STD.

Now, we are wondering what should we do next. Should we tell the couple? Should we inform everyone that they are infected via the website where we met them?

We definitely won't play with them again, but maybe seeing them and telling them what happened would be a good idea?
I need to mention that we used a condom. The thing is that we (the female half) were playing with ourselves and after that, we were playing with each other. I think that this is how we got the STD.
We are wondering how others are doing this.

And also, if you are using the same toys, could you be at risk? Are you using toys with condoms?
And how about oral? We really dislike the taste of condoms, so we are not using them when we are giving head to the other couple.

Not to mention that everyone is saying that they are using condoms, but if you are looking through their photos (and some has photos when they are engaged with other couples), you can easily see that they are not using them...How comes?