What is the weirdest thing you've put in your...

I am starting by saying that vaginas are amazing – first of all, because they are self-cleaning, they are bringing babies to this world and, not to mention, they are so great when you are doing the right things to them!
There are different types of vaginas and each of them has its own “story”.

It was the early years of your adolescence when you started to explore your body, and that was the time when you discovered the pleasure of touching yourself with your fingers. But what was the next thing that you wanted to get “down there”? Was it a cucumber? Was it a banana?

Now you've grown up, but has anything changed? Are you still trying different fruits, vegetables or objects that are right-shaped, for your own pleasures?

When I was in my first year of college, I lived in a flat with this nonconformist girl, who was always trying weird things with her boyfriend. She told me that one of his desires was to see her masturbating with a broom with a condom on the broomstick. At that moment I thought that this was so unusual, and I started to avoid that girl, I was thinking about her as a weirdo.

Later in college, I found out that there were many girls that were trying things, which I considered weird.
So, I thought “why not?”. One night, when my colleague wasn't home, I grabbed a zucchini, I put a condom on it, and the fun began. It was AMAZING.

Since then, I have tried it with lots of fruits and objects, including the broom.

So, do you have any vagina story?