52% of the users claim that they are using...

But, the rest of them prefer to be discreet about their swinging lifestyle, this is why using a fake name is more comfortable for them.
But what is the main reason behind it? Are you feeling too exposed?

There are couples that are giving just their first name or the middle name, and I think that it's more than fine.

Also, there are couples that are using an alias while they are chatting on the site, but when you meet them in person, they are telling you their real name. How many of you are fine with that?

We all know that being discreet is an important thing for almost all of the people in the lifestyle, but what exactly does “discreet” mean? Does it mean no face photos? Does it mean no real name given? Does it mean that you don't play in your own house?

I guess that these are different and it depends on what “rules” every couple have established.